Immersive Tunnel08

Tunnel Ride 5D Cinema

Tunnel cinemas are extremely entertaining and profitable. Compared with the general 5D cinema, the tunnel cinema has a stronger sense of immersion and better content. Unique riding seats ensure that every passenger has an exciting and safe movie viewing experience, suitable for all ages.

The target customer group is very clear, such as couples, parents and children, classmates, friends and business partners. Whether your application scenario is a square, an amusement park, a movie theater or a shopping mall, the product occupies a small area, and the site rent and land use efficiency are very large.

Building Coverage 128 square meters
Building Height About 5 meters
Screen Size About 10 *3.7meters
Per Reception Volume 12 person
Experience + transition time about 10 minutes
Daily operation time 10 hours
Opening Hours Eight hours a day, about 72 sessions
Number of Visitors Per Day About 720 person