flying cinema

Flying Cinema

Have you ever dreamed of soaring in the sky, seeing the world through the eyes of a bird, or driving a Batmobile through skyscrapers? Dreams come true with Flying Cinema, an innovative attraction concept that offers visitors a unique aerial adventure experience.

The Flying Theater is a highly immersive attraction in which the passenger cockpit is held by a complex mechanism on an inverted dome illuminated by a special projection system. New projection technology combined with an expanded 6-axis motion unit simulates a natural and realistic flight experience.

The key to this appeal is having a ride with various seating configurations, integrated special effects (such as blowers and sprinklers), a dome screen, a sophisticated projection system and a state-of-the-art audio system. If all these elements are perfectly synchronized in one system, visitors can enjoy an unparalleled soaring experience without getting dizzy.

Thanks to the cooperation with a number of ride suppliers, we have become the world’s No. 1 supplier of audio, video and screen for flying cinemas, having completed more than 15 flying cinema projects in the past 5 years.

Equipment height 18.7 m
Cockpit movement form six degrees of freedom
Dome diameter φ23 m
Rated occupant 72
Passenger device 9 cabins, 8 people each
Performance time 7 minutes
Theoretical passenger flow 612 people/hour
Installed capacity 310 kW
Floor area 46 m × 46 m