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Guangzhou Shuqee Digital Tech. Co., Ltd is dedicated to digital intelligent, depth tele-immersive cinema completed system solutions and related equipment of innovation, research and development, production, sales, installation, maintenance of integrated high-tech enterprises.

Shuqee technology persisted”to the technical innovation as the core, and the service innovation as a driving force” enterprise idea, to provide the latest and the most professional products and service.

Our products involved: 3 D 4 D 5 D XD motion effects cinema, the special effects film , indoor and outdoor large amusement center, interactive entertainment experience, simulation system, cinema equipment, personal family audio-visual scheme, stereoscopic dynamics cinema overall solutions (such as flat screen, arc screen , circular screen,globular screen etc).

We bring together many experienced senior professional and technical personnel and efficient management team, from product to the service every little detail, a few have sought to allow customers to feel the Shuqee’s enthusiasm, energy and professionalism, the number of Shuqee’s success are the quality of each product , so that every customer cooperation can be the most satisfactory service!

Choose Shuqee, enjoy it to bring you digital, intelligent, real deep immersion type cinema audio-visual experience!


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