Cinema Film Sound Vibration Cinema Theater With Eposon Projector

Cinema Film Sound Vibration Cinema Theater With Eposon Projector

Rendering of SV Cinema

Leading shocking experience, shocking video room break the shackles of the traditional way of viewing experience, attract viewers into the theater, leading the audience into the movie, feel the drama. In every application of shock art auditorium, the effects of shock seats and fantasy environment effects – rain, snow, wind, fog, lightning and odor with the perfect combination of movie scenes, the audience for visual, touch, hearing, taste and other sensory experience, the audience seems to be the wonderful movie plot participants, not just spectators.sound-vibration-cinema-chair-2

Sound Vibration Cinema is a new experience to subvert the traditional way of viewing simple, leading the audience from moviegoers turned into a movie in the role of the participants, it is a culmination of the art of science and technology.

4DM-TMS control system can be combined with smooth 3D cinema playback system, with advanced technology in the view of the audience every auditorium 4D movie experience into a unique and amazing journey once, Let the audience lead a person to endless aftertastes.

Shuqee SV Chair Characteristics

Cotton Back Use wet blocking cotton, can spring back and it is very soft
Density 55kg/m3
Back Shell Use good PP plastic, impact wear resistant;
Cloth: Use fine linen fiber armrest
Foot 3.0mm CRS
Armrest Use good PP material, Cup and armrest is unicase and turnover.
Special effect snow ,bubble ,rain, lightning etc.
Function of chair vibration