Promotion 6 Special Effect Mobile 5D Cinema System With 9 Dynamic Seats

Nowadays, Dynamic 5D Cinema equipment is very popular for many countries around the world, such as Doha, Libya, Chile, Switzerland, and so on.

Mobile 5D Cinema System with 6 Digital Special Effects
Lightning Simulation
Rain simulation
Snow Simulation
Bubble Simulation
Windy Simulation
Smoke Simulation
Flame Simulation
Laser Simulation
Smell Simulation

Motion Chair Movement and Special Function
Water spray to face: Spray a few water to face, simulate sneeze,the pipe broke and so on.
Spray air to face: Compressed air directly to the audience’s face, simulate the explosion impact,the bullet flying etc. The jet effect is sprayed by air nozzle in chair, spray to head and neck.
Movement: Up and down, left and right, forward and backward, simulate movement of lifting, rolling, and pitching.
Vibration: Built-in seat cushion inside, the function can push up and down, realize the vibration of 12 Hz, make the audience feel the up and down “ vibration” feeling.
Leg tickle: Each small elastic air hose under the seat suspension will pat the audience calf place; It can simulate the animals to drill leg of the audience.
Push back: The back of the seat with the new equipment, the effect can push forward, realize 5 Hz the vibration frequency, make the audience feel on the back of the suddenly “vibration”, have intense “Push Back” and “Electric shock” feeling.

9Seats 5D Cinema