Lava Cave 7D Ride Cinema

Taking the lava cave as the design prototype, through the story line design, the dark ride is simulated, and the most popular international riding and driving tour method is skillfully combined with the panoramic immersive projection, simulated scenery, stunt performance and other amusement technologies to create a large-scale indoor walking adventure high. Science and technology projects. Tourists take the rail tour bus. According to the storyline of the film, the project instantly changes the vehicle movement mode, producing sharp turns, swings, bumps and other actions, and can realistically simulate the feeling effects of climbing and falling. At the same time, the synchronization of various special effects is more convenient. Visitors bring immersive and real feelings, walk through the themed story environments that combine virtual and real scenes, and experience a thrilling and dangerous journey.

Area 500m2
Number of screens 3
Large screen 3 pcs
Special effects experience area 2pcs
Total track length 60m
minimum curve radius 1.8m