Interactive 7D Simulator Theater For Cabin 7D Cinema Cabin With Whole Design

12 special effects for the 7D cinema:
Only one 7d movies has 12 special effects, so that it can display all the special effects perfectly, like wind, rain, lightning, bubble, fog, fire, snow, leg sweep, back push, vibration and so on.

While target is shot, the seat vibrates synchronously:
At the movie game, while target is shot, the screen will simulate break and the seat will vibrates synchronously, that give you a immersive exciting experience.

7D Movie Theater Movie With Story:
The movie is a story, let audiences know what they are playing and how to play directly.

Only good experience can get more profit:
In one film, audience not only can experience the high speed of 5d dynamic roller coaster, but also experience the passion of 7d game interaction. It always give audience a double exciting experience!

4d chairs

 Our dynamic seat system is based on ergonomically designedto guarantee the best comfort and complete safety to the audience while the simulator is on motion.It is developed with 6DOF design, it can provide a dynamic effect with 12 directions,36 combination and 72 motions.

4d chairs