Ergonomic 4D Cinema Seat


SHUQEE’s new 4D seat is ergonomically designed and has a strong sense of tolerance. The seat is designed with high-quality leather and fully soft-packed, which is comfortable to sit. It meets the dynamic effect of 4D cinema and is compatible with the comfort of cinema for long-term viewing;
The seat is durable, stable in structure, not easily deformed, waterproof and breathable, and ergonomically designed for a comfortable experience;
The seat row number and seat number can be set.

Technical Parameter

Degrees of Freedom 3DOF Electric Linear Cylinder Motion Platform
Weight 450kg
Number of Seats 4 seats
Encoding support LTC timecode synchronization
Net weight 255kg
Coding Compatible Unconditionally open the seat motion editing software, which can perform motion editing on third-party videos.
Special function 1 SOR seat occupancy recognition system
Special function 2 Can’t start without seat belt
Special function 3 Unfasten the seat belt and automatically stop running