Durable Motion 12 Seats For 5D Truck Mobile Cinema Equipment With 1 Year Warranty

 5D Truck Mobile Cinema Equipment is a mini movie theater. You can drive the Mobile 5d cinema from place to place with a truck. It can satisfy your requirement of moving and running the cinema nationwide and globally.Mobile 5D cinema can help you win your 5D cinema market more easily and effectively.

Do you know what is the 5d cinema ?

5D cinema is based on 4D cinema with motion cinema chair. 4D cinemas is a combination of 4D special effect cinema chairs and 3D traditional movies. 4D cinema just has dynamic cinema chairs with few special effects.5D cinemas have high technology, and effective strong impact on the screen features compared to other types of theaters. 5D cinema  6 DOF Motion Machine viewer 5d cinema 6DOF hydraulic platform s can now experience new unique features, touch and feel such as smoke, water, snow, bubble, smell, lightning, legs touching, photo snap shooting system and other effects.

Mall 9Seats 5d cinema.jpg

Mall 9Seats 5d cinema.jpg