Dinosaur Theme park Cinema 4D Cinema System With Curve Screen Guangzhou Supplier

For 4D cinema  ,except all 3D cinema have equiped effects and added six kinds of high technology, that make the chair very beautiful and top glade, people seated on the chair will not feel uncomfortable even though they seat a good while.The moviegoers can feel they are going through the movie screen,make the feeling more interesting, truth and exected.
Shuqee Tech. is under the background of this arises at the historic moment. Shuqee Tech., Enjoy Movie Life.
To show Shuqee Tech. unique 4D cinema. 4 DM Cinema constructions are using the latest research and development of the sixth generation of seats.

5d cinema

The 4d cinema project is usually application to park or science and tcehnology museum.

Why choose 4D cinema in park?

Exciting,thrilling,no danger,100% safe,small input,huge income,children, adult and older are all viewers!

5d cinema