Detail Solution of Large 3D / 4D Motion Cinema

Large motion cinema is installed in Science and technology museum、The Museum, the Exhibition hall, the Theme park, Landscape view area and so on.

SHUQEE, large 5d motion cinema- To achieve shocked acme of business movie and science simulation.

More and more domestic and foreign large movie adopt 3d technology, 5d cinema in recent years, also was in the booming development stage, the audiences watch 4d film clip is exclamation: “Effect is shocked stimulus, but is too short.” When the audience in the cinema to see Hollywood 3d movies when vision follow the beast fly to sky , the body will tilt unconsciously, when the explosion of the grand scene are created, impact seems to wave winds, the body will be head backward unconsciously. That is wonderful and exciting SHUQEE  Large 5d cinema.

SHUQEE’S Advantages

  • Adopt a large-scale high power gain arc metal screen shown bearing, will show the maximization movie pictures, stereo feeling, immersed feels stronger.
  • Digital broadcast system adopt High digital motion picture machine, multi-channel video fusion stitching technique, will get high brightness, HD, high stereo effect of the scene. Different from the traditional 4d movie form, number 4d movie play qi system will be compatible with 4d movies and commercial 3d movies. Make any hot and large movies can be showed by SHUQEE 5d motion cinema control system.
  • 5d motion seat system will strengthen the experience of the function of the plot business, such as weightlessness feeling, a violent blast wave and  other special effects. At the same time in the audience on the seat would happen movement and special effects, no audience chair would be closed for users save operating costs.
  • Fusion engineering level sound system and realistic digital special effects and all intelligent control system, and let the audience all system to walk into the plot, bring vivid and variety of sensory experiences movie effect.