China Supplier 32 Seats Interactive 5D Cinema With More Than Stimulating 500 Films

More than forty 3D/4D Movies played on the cinema, about seventeen movies receipts reach to ten million, and in the next few years this kind of service products revenue will grow as 30%-40%.  Mobile 5D cinema equipment is easy to control, you can move it to anywhere you want, like the playground center, theme park or anywhere people get together.

For 5D cinema,except all 3D/4D cinema have equiped effects and added six kinds of high technology, that make the chair very beautiful and top glade, people seated on the chair will not feel uncomfortable even though they seat a good while.The moviegoers can feel they are going through the movie screen,make the feeling more interesting, truth and exected.

Shuqee Tech. is under the background of this arises at the historic moment. Shuqee Tech., Enjoy Movie Life.

To show Shuqee Tech. unique 5D motion cinema.5 DM Cinema constructions are using the latest research and development of the sixth generation of seats.

5D Cinema Chair

Shuqee’s six systems of 5d Cinema

5D Cinema Control System is the core parts of the whole technology 4D, and the he management staff use friendly, intuitive interface, is used to implement the theater all equipment within the main control and individual control;
Digital Playing System provides a wide applicability, high quality 5D solution, supports both 2 D and 3D movie playing; Adopt unique color filtering technology, with simple operation, powerful features, equipped with reusable 3D glasses,conducive to environmental protection;
Screen System as the most intuitive visual objects can restore the real film scene, including main types: Metal Screen, high-gain metal screen, Arc Screen, 360° Degree Screen;
Digital Audio System: A new generation of 5D audio formats the sound from the sides of the audience, and even head to traditional theater audio into immersive atmosphere; and support audio delay to correct the sound reached to the precise synchronization;
Digital Special Effect System: Lightning, Rain, Snow, Bubble, Windy, Smoke, Flame, Laser and Smell Simulation;
Motion Chair System:Water spray to face,spray air to face,movement,vibration,leg tickle,push back.

32Seats 5D Cinema