Animation Dinosaur 9D Cinema Cabin With 9 Motion Seats For Fun

The features of 9D theater cabin is similar to that of 5D, wherein the interactive part appears to be more refined relatively from 5D or 7D movie experience. The motion chair provided for the audience and the surround screen are yet other attractive aspects that produce excellent movie experience. Buying a 5D cinema system has additional benefits in terms of special effects that can be enhanced according to our budget. Some of the special effects available with 9D Film Theater are

  • Bubbles effect
  • Wind effect
  • Snow effect
  • Smoke or fog effect Aroma effect
  • Flash effect
  • Thunderstorm and lightning effect and so on

5D Cabin Cienma

The dinosaur 9d cinema is application to super market, is popular to the kids and the adults.5D Cabin Cienma