360 degree panoramic arc screen cinema system

360 degrees arc screen cinema system mainly made of by the 360 degrees arc screen, arc screen player system, group projection synchronization control system, seamless integration with technology and surface deformation processing system, system player and integrated control system, sound system and related 360 degrees special films several parts, with the new means of science and technology is the new movie form, its characteristic is the scene especially big, the screen surrounded the audience hall as a whole circle, the audience can look freely by stand in the middle of the field.

This form of film is made by 9 sets camera of synchronous panoramic, and then screened by nine simultaneous projection on the screen to form a 360-degree overall picture. During watching arc screen movies, the audiences are surrounded by 360 degrees pictures and more road stereo, then produce a kind of unusual strong feelings.The audience will unconsciously feel of a film performance environment, and produce different emotions to reflect the change of the film lens.The audience and the picture scene blend, that is the charm of arc screen movies.