2016 Professional 7D Cinema Cabin WIth 6 7D Motion Seats

Details of 7D cinema   A brief introduction to 7D cinema:
With the increasing requirement of the amusement market, the development of movie technology has also been rising.
7D cinema is the upgrading version of 5D cinema. Besides the motion simulating seats and special effects, it has a unique interactive shooting system. It’s a new digital movie technology, with interesting themes and powerful experience.
7D cinema turns the magic of short motion movies into a living reality. With comfortable luxury leather seats, it offers you a unique and exciting experience. The motion platform allows up and down, forward and backward, left and right movement in sync with the onscreen activities, making movements like falling, shaking, tilting, rotating, vibrating and turning.
It brings us to a wonderful world full of virtual reality, where we can feel not only exciting motion feelings of the dynamic seats, but also many funny effects such as wind blowing, water jetting, snow flying, lightning blinking, fog spraying, bubble fluttering, fire soaring, leg sweeping, seat vibrating, back pushing, bottom poking, gun shooting, etc.
5d cabin movie theater

7D Cinema mainly consists of the following systems:
Central control system: an industrial main controlling computer with an LED monitor, the key part of the cinema which integrates all the systems as a whole.
Motion seat system: developed with 6DOF design which can provide a dynamic effect with 12 directions, 36 combinations and 72 motions.
Projection system: brand projectors and professional projection screen which can effectively produce quality projection images.
Special effect system: including many effect equipment, such as wind, lightning, rain, snow, bubble, fog, fire, leg touching, vibration, bottom poker, back poker, horrific ghost, interactive gun shooting and so on.
Sound system: professional audio equipment with 5.1 or 7.1 sound channel used for cinemas.
Photo snap shooting system: with auto-shooting camera and software to calculate how many players watch the movie each time and each day.
Accessories: 3D glasses, video splitter, hangers, air pipes, installation cables, special effect liquid, tool box, spare parts for motion chair platform, etc.

5d cabin movie theater