2015 Popular Conveinent Truck Mobile 9D Cinema With 12 Seats In Saudi Arabia

Truck mobile 9D cinema is easy to operate Movies business. Investors do not have to worry about to find premises any more, and solve all decoration, venue, management and other issues which save a lot of renovation costs and rent costs.Compared to fixed cinema, the operator of Truck mobile 9D cinema is more flexible, innovative. the operator does not have to bear the high transfer fee and rent facade, and regardless of time, place restrictions. The truck mobile cinema can start at tourist attractions, parks, playgrounds, pedestrian street, street shops, shopping malls and leisure area, science museums, Youth Palace, around schools, car parks, KTV, bars, bus stations, train stations, etc.

So that any high traffic areas can become a place of business, when viewers are tired of watching a place, you can pull the whole place to another. Neither the lack of new customers, and does not need to bear any costs.

The outside appearance of truck mobile cinema is novel which is a good advertising effect by free. So it guaranteed source continued. The inside of truck mobile cinema decorate with sound-absorbing cotton, ensuring 5.1 sound quality perfect , while also taking into account the luxurious decorative effect. It is greatly reducing noise interference which room and play hall separate. Playing hall is equipped with 3D digital HD projector, to ensure the picture quality is better than the large theater, so that let viewers experience the immersive thrill.