2015 Hot Sale Holding 60-100 People 4DM Movie Theater With Cost-effective Price

4DM Movie Theater motion chairs Originated in Korea, and included all funications 4Dmotion chair equipmented , it hot because of  fusioned three high technology ,moviegoers can feel they are going through the movie screen .This feeling is very intersting and excite.Go to see a 5D movie is a good way to relax and  relieve work pressure.there will more and more worker go to the cinema experience 4DM Movie Theater motion chairs.

4DM Movie Theater


The Fifth-Generation 2 people/set chair

 Capacity  4 people(approximately 300kg)
 Seat weight
 Seat size  1250 x 850 x 1400 ( L x D x H mm)
 Movement from left to right  0-24 Degree
 Vibration frequency  12HZ
 Pneumatic / Hydraulic / Electronics

4DM Movie Theater

Charactor & Feature: Shuqee’s six systems of motion cinema
4DM Movie Theater Control System is the core parts of the whole technology 4D, and the he management staff use friendly, intuitive interface, is used to implement the theater all equipment within the main control and individual control;
Digital Playing System provides a wide applicability, high quality 3D solution, supports both 2 D and 3D movie playing; Adopt unique color filtering technology, with simple operation, powerful features, equipped with reusable 3D glasses,conducive to environmental protection;
Screen System as the most intuitive visual objects can restore the real film scene, including main types: Metal Screen, high-gain metal screen, Arc Screen, 360° Degree Screen;
Digital Audio SystemA new generation of 3D audio formats the sound from the sides of the audience, and even head to traditional theater audio into immersive atmosphere; and support audio delay to correct the sound reached to the precise synchronization;
Digital Special Effect System: Lightning , Rain , Snow, Bubble, Windy, Smoke, Flame, Laser and Smell Simulation;
Motion Chair System: Water spray to face, spray air to face, movement, vibration, leg tickle, push back.