The Electric 5D Movie Theater System 5D Cinema With Full Set Cinema Equipment

The Electric 5D Movie Theater System 5D Cinema With Full Set Cinema Equipment

Main systems of 5D Movie Theater

Main systems of 5D Movie Theater is made of Central control , Projector, Screen. We can provide full set solution to you.

5D Movie Theater Central control

The main part of this system is control software, it can make all the equipment as a whole 5D cinema by effectively control movie’s display, dynamic seats, effect equipment, sound equipment

5D Movie Theater Projector

Adopting double projector to realize a group image or multiple group image columnar seamless surface connection. When playing, two projectors star at the same time and corresponding to left and right movie.

5D Movie Theater Screen

Professional metal screen for stereo cinemas, it can effectively resist the interference of the ambient light, and the working life is very long.

Advantage of The Electric System In 5D Movie Theater

a. Strong waterproof & heat proof material, Best performance

b. Best movement, Simplest structure;

c. Germany stainless steel material, Longest lifetime

d. 220v power, Most energy saving

e. The newest electronic technology, Nearly no need maintenance.

5D Movie Theater Electric Seats configuration

5D Cinema Model SQ-Q033E
Forward-Back Leaning ± 22°
Movement from left to right ± 8°
Movement from left to right 0-175mm
5D Vibration rate 12Hz
Size ( L x W x H ) mm 1900 x 850 x 1400
Array distance ≥1400mm
Line distance ≥300mm
5D Capacity 3 people


5D Movie Theater Packaging & Shipping

Electric 5D cinema equipment is the best cinema among all motion cinemas, outstanding feature:

–Best performance;

–Simplest structure;

–Most energy saving;

–Fastest and more smooth seat action;

–Longest lifetime;

–Nearly no need maintenance;

–Supply over 80 movies for free.

–Applicable 5D cinema places: 5D Movie Theater Cinema, Scenic Sport, Theme Park, Playground Center, Science Museums, Exhibition Hall, DIY Home Theater, Business Center.