Special Effect Custom 4D Movie Theater Motion 4D Chairs Red / Black For Shopping Mall

Special Effect Custom 4D Movie Theater Motion 4D Chairs Red / Black For Shopping Mall



4D theaters is a set of very comfortable chair(s), specially designed and manufactured, not only has vibration, lifting, hair, leg sweep, water and other special effects, but also realize the seat up and down, left, and other sports before and after, up to a maximum of six seats direction characteristics.

According to sources power of seat, there were divided into three types:Air brake, hydraulic brake and dynamic effects electric chair.
Scenes special effects equipment, according to video content, make the appropriate response simulation automaticly (computer controlled), simulation storms, rain, snow, lightning, jet, smoke, sprinkler and other scenes, add to make the audience feel the immersive sense of excitement. (Special effects equipment according to customer requirements increase or decrease accordingly).


  Configuration   Name/function
Image system Projectors, screen system.
Control system Motion chair, special effect system.
Sound system 5.1 audio system,7.1 audio system
Motion chair Pneumatic system; hydraulic system; electronic system
Special effect system Snow,bubble,rain,wind,lightning,fog,smell etc.
Other accessories Pipes,bubble oil,snow oil,etc.


Shuqee’s Advantages:

①The top team to research and develop the intelligent 4DM theater system – All electric system of green environmental protection.

②Perfectly transform 3D cinema into 4D cinema – Environmental effects deep accurate synchronization

③Dozens of related technology patents – Focused more professional

④Customized design – Prominent theme

⑤Standard cinema construction process – High-grade effect assurance

⑥Respond within one working days – Instant after- sale service.