Red Motion Chairs 5D Theater System , 5D Cinema Simulator For Shopping Mall

Red Motion Chairs 5D Theater System , 5D Cinema Simulator For Shopping Mall


5D Theater System description

5D cinema effects on the appearance of the seat is a set of very comfortable chair(s), specially designed and manufactured, not only has vibration, lifting, hair, leg sweep, water and other special effects, but also realize the seat up and down, left, and other sports before and after, up to a maximum of six seats direction characteristics.

According to sources power of 6d seat, there were divided into three types:
Air brake, hydraulic brake and dynamic effects electric chair.

Shuqee’s six systems of 5D Theater System 

5D Cinema Control System is the core parts of the whole technology 5D, and the he management staff use friendly, intuitive interface, is used to implement the theater all equipment within the main control and individual control;

Digital Playing System provides a wide applicability, high quality 5D solution, supports both 3 D and 5D movie playing; Adopt unique color filtering technology, with simple operation, powerful features, equipped with reusable 6D glasses,conducive to environmental protection;

Screen System as the most intuitive visual objects can restore the real film scene, including  main types: Metal Screen, high-gain metal screen, Arc Screen, 360° Degree Screen;

Digital Audio System: A new generation of 6D audio formats the sound from the sides of the audience, and even head to traditional theater audio into immersive atmosphere; and support audio delay to correct the sound reached to the precise  synchronization;

Digital Special Effect System: Lightning, Rain, Snow, Bubble, Windy, Smoke, Flame, Laser and Smell Simulation;

Motion Chair System:Water spray to face,spray air to face,movement,vibration,leg tickle,push back.

9D Cinema System Parameter

Cinema Capacity 12-40 people
Seat weight 180KG
Seat size 1900 x 850 x 1400 ( L x D x H mm)
Movement From left to right: 0-24 Degree
Chair Different Dynamic Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
Vibration frequency 12HZ
Drive Pneumatic / Hydraulic / Electronics
6D Special function Water spray to face, Spray air to fac, Movemen, Vibratio, Leg tickl, Push back, Movement Specification
Applicable places Cinema, Scenic Sport, Theme Park, Playground Center,

Science Museums, Exhibition Hall, DIY Home Theater,Business Center.


What You Need To Do Is: 

  1. Storefront location selection, supermarkets, shopping malls, walking streets, parks and playgrounds and so on, as long as near the place that the concentrated flow of people.
  2. Space requires 20-40 square, just a small investment you can open a small 4D/5D/7D/9D cinema.
  3. Combination management plan: Food City combination promotion, entertainment combination promotion, shopping malls combination promotion, living area combination promotion and so on.
  4. Decoration: We will provide you with a series of renovation program, you can also put forward your own proposals and design to decorate in local decoration company, we offer stylish new decoration scheme with low cost, with more savings for customers extra expenses.

5D Theater System is the best cinema among all motion cinemas, outstanding feature:

  • Best performance;
  • Simplest structure;
  • Most energy saving;
  • Fastest and more smooth seat action;
  • Longest lifetime;
  • Nearly no need maintenance.