Playground Center 4D Movie Theater Electric System With Movement Chairs

Playground Center 4D Movie Theater Electric System With  Movement Chairs


4D Movie Theater Description:

4DM Cinema same as 3D cinema , but there equip many effects on the chair , also there are many machine will show you special effects , snow , rain , bubble , fire , smoke , etc . In the 4D chair , there are spray air and water , leg sweep , vibration , push back , the chair will move from right to left , up and down  back and front . All the action and effects will show out follow movies .

4D Cinema is a new experience to subvert the tradtional way of viewing sample with advanced techology to lend the audience from the audience from the viewer as a participant in the moive role .The experience of audience every time in the 4DM cinema is a unique journey.

4D Movie Theater Dynamic System :

Electronic system is our best system , also our new system , it’s just upgraded by our technology team . For this chair , each chair has a individual CPU , it’s mean each chair as a indicidual computer . If one day , there are some problem for your one chair , this problem will not effect other chair , other chair can still normally working . It’s our big addvantage.

 4D Movie Theater Equipment Advantages

a. Seats occupied recognition system

4D Movie Theater seats do not generate action and effect if no people seat on it. It can effectively save operation costs and avoid unnecessary mechanical abrasion. Meanwhile, it automatically counts the audience quantity which provide the reference data for cinema owner.

b. Safety

The vibration and effect of seats adopt low frequency vibrator and import low frequency sound source to produce vibration, so it has no menace to human body. 4D Movie Theater Seat’s leather and sponge substrate have passed the inflaming retarding testing.

c. Entirely eliminate moving radial force

Non-radial force mechanical structure design vastly improve operation stability of chair’s critical component, safeguard and lengthen service life and entirely eliminate primary hidden dangers. Let the owner has no fear of attacks from behind.


d. No mechanical moving abnormal sound
Mechanical structure adopt optimized mechanical design. Moving joint use imported bearing (fish eyeball shape) with non-oil copper bush. Moving key parts employ wearable nylon to eliminate friction noise.

4D Movie Theater  Environmental Effects:

Not only there are some special effects in chairs  there are also other equipment will show you show , rain , bubble , fire , lighting , etc .

Each chair of 4D Movie Theater is equipped with motion simulators and programmed for three basic movements.
Through the combination of these movements in various degrees, a fluid and dynamic motion is created to mimic the action on the screen.
Specifications of 4D Movie Theater  :


4D six  systems Information
Control system Research and development by our technology team
Image system Projectors project 2 image ,polaroid and 3D glasses together make 2 image together and show 4D effects
Chair system 4D Movie Theatermotion chairs
4D Dynamic system Electronic system
Audio system YAMAHA , JBL
Special effects Bubble , Fire , Smoke , Snow ,Rain  Etc