Motion Seats And Solution Of 4D Movie Theater Cinema Server TMS Systems Compatible

Motion Seats And Solution Of 4D Movie Theater Cinema Server TMS Systems Compatible

4D Movie Theater Features

4D Movie Theater Seat Type SQ-M042E
Surface Pure hand-wrapped PU leather
Color Black(Customized available)
Cushion Material Polyurethane foam material, high elasticity
Drive Mode Electric drive, use the crank structure
Platform Material 20#square steel, anti-rush and electrostatic prevention
Movement Range Leakage protection air switch , every equipment electric grounding, no waterway in seats, water proof control box
Seat Effect Low frequency vibration, push back, leg sweep, air blast
Environment Effects Wind, snow, bubble, lighting, rain, smoke
SOR system Seat occupancy identification
Synchronized Method 4D Movie Theater LTC/UDP(Possess with LTC decoding system patent)


4D Movie theater Fully Compatible With Cinema Server And motion Effects Editing For 4D film is an entertainment presentation system combining a 3D film with physical effects that occur in the theatre in synchronization with the film. Effects simulated in a 4D Movie Theater film may include rain, wind, strobe lights, and vibration. Seats in 4D venues may vibrate or move a few inches during the presentations. Other common chair effects include air jets, water sprays, and leg and back ticklers. Hall effects may include smoke, rain, lightning, air bubbles, and smell.

Shuqee 4D Movie Theater Advantages:

1. Innovative and unique movement technology of 4D Movie Theater.

√ Using crank system structure without angle limitation when move, able to complete movement instructions more flexible and smooth compare to traditional electric cylinder’s linear motion.

√ Ultra silence operating without friction noise.

√ Long Lifetime, not mechanical wear.

2. Humanized intelligent control

√The range of motion can be adjusted by software.

√Controlling the movement and amplitude of a platform or several platforms individually.

√Modular management system which simplified control system.

√The communication method adopted not only has strong anti-interference ability, but also makes the wiring simple and easy to maintain, and it has a strong technical support.

3. strong technical support

√All software in the control system has independent software copyrights

√Synchronous system LTC time decoding technology has a patented invention

√Mechanical structure part has multiple utility model patents

4.Openness and compatibility

√Compatible with various operating platforms

√Compatible with all mainstream servers

√Open the mainstream communication port market, able to perfect with third-party software docking

Maintain and After-Sale Service for 4D Movie Theater:

1. Technical training plan

Through the training, let user have a comprehensive understanding about the 4D Movie Theater system, including the design of the system, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, docking, and strive to make the user use it according to our training and system construction documentation can be independent management, operation, maintenance the whole system.

2. Service and Warranty

Each 4D Movie Theater equipment will be in strict inspection, ensure product quality before package, the products to a minimum of fault rate. Follow the guidelines “fully protect the use’s investment and efficiency, fully meet the requirement of user and reduce their burden.”

3. Guarantee Measure

The warranty group will be in touch with the customer after 4D Movie Theater is apply in your cinema, effectively notice with customer communication problems. For general failure problem, the warranty team through telephone, network remote ways to direct customer solve the problem in an hour. For unable to remove the sever faults problem, warranty work team will arrive within 24 hours to solve the problem, the warranty work will be finished in 48 hours.

4. Lifetime Service.

Even if 4D Movie Theater equipment is beyond warranty period, we still provide paid on-side maintenance repair service, only charge the basic cost. While users can still get free maintenance technician team of regular service instruction, remote technical assistance and other services.

Steps to get your 4D Movie Theater business begin:

1. Contact and send us your precious inquiry and email.

2. Tell us your cinema dimension and how many seats you want.

-We can make the finest drawing for your cinema plan quickly to ensure more details with you.

3. After equipment and project details are confirmed, we will send you the quotation.

4. After price and all the terms are clear, and received 30% deposit, we will begin the production for you soon.

5. After production is finished and 70% of the price is received, the shipping begin.

6. Our engineer went to your place to guide and help you to finish installation.

7. Now you are ready to open for business.