Mobile 5D Theater System 6 Seats With Economic 3 People / Set Chair On Truck

Mobile 5D Theater System 6 Seats With Economic 3 People / Set Chair On Truck


Why choose Truck mobile 5D Theater?

Truck mobile 5D Theater is easy to operate Movies business. Investors do not have to worry about to find premises any more, and solve all decoration, venue, management and other issues which save a lot of renovation costs and rent costs.

The advantage of truck 5D Theater System:

Compared to fixed cinema, the operator of truck mobile 5D Theater System is more flexible, innovative. the operator does not have to bear the high transfer fee and rent facade, and regardless of time, place restrictions.

.Design of mobile 5D Theater

If you already have truck, The people that can be capsuled are depended on the truck size. We can customize the design.

The truck can capsule from 4 people to 12 people.

The outside appearance of truck mobile cinema is novel which is a good advertising effect by free

The parameter of mobile 5D Theater

Chair Mobile 5D Theater
Cinema Type Mobile Cinema
Color Of Chair Red , Black , Etc.
Seats Number 6 Seats
Person/Chair 3person/Chair
Usage On Truck
Material Genuine Leather With Fiberglass


Where can I get Truck?

We suggest you buy the car in your country , we supply equipment and installation . Because of the car is hard to ship , also the transportation cost is very high

What are included in 5D mobile cinema ?

We supply whole set of cinema system (Projector, screen, motion chairs,sound system, air compressor set, water system, special effects machine like bubble,snow, rain, fire, laser, lightning, wind etc and control system, 3D glasses, movies)

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