Installation 4D Movie Theater 4DM Motion Chair Easily In Cinema Hall

Installation 4D Movie Theater 4DM Motion Chair Easily In Cinema Hall


4D Movie Theater Description:

4D Movie Theater has a prominent theme, high technology content, lifelike picture shock resistance and other characteristics and advantages. We will not only shake, fall, Blow, water, scratching, leg sweep and other stunts to introduce 3D theater, according to the film’s scenario also designed smoke, rain, optoelectronics, bubbles, odor and other effects, form a unique immersion type experience.

Six Software Advantages Of 4D Movie Theater:

1. Technological Innovation

Since the company was founded, SHUQEE always adhere to research , development and innovate for 4DM theater, so we have an unique creation in 4DM software control. Meanwhile, we have a number of invention patents, software copyright and other intellectual prop-erty rights.

2. 4D Compatibility

3. Intelligent

4. Adapted to Theater Management

5. Own Debugging Features

6. Simple to Use

4D Movie Theater Specifications Of 4DM Chair :

Item parameter
Size(mm) 2240x800x1350mm
Vibration 12 Hz
Capacity 4 people ( ~600 kg )
Structure/seat cushion Synthetic leather
Dynamic Electronic
Rated power 1.7KW
Load capacity ≤ 500kg
Ground load requirements 350kg/m²
Special  Effect In 4D Movie Theater


1. Chair special effect: 4DM motion chair can accurately simulate forward, backward, left-wing, right-wing, falls, bumps, hair, spray, sweep the leg, pushed back, and others. you will have a experience of effects when the film the show scenario, When the movie show the car turning left or right, the chair will turn left or right.

2.Environmental  special effect: 4D Movie Theater environmental effects feature to the audience from the hearing, visual, smell, touch these aspects to achieve the most powerful sense of realism, as exposure to the film, through the environment simulation to achieve wind, rain, mine, electricity, smoke, snow, bubbles, And other special effects to bring you a new sensory experience!

Company profile 

Guangzhou Shuqee Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has been focused on the development and production of 4DM & XD theater , sounds vibration cinema .This is creative company which realizing a set of 4DM/XD Theater system development, equipment production, planning and construction, operation and maintenance to form a whole industry chain.

Business Distribution

The company’s 4D Movie Theater through the global marketing network, to meet the needs of the domestic market at the same time, has been exported to more than 40 countries and regions, widely used in cinemas, scenic areas, commercial centers, theme parks, science exhibitions, education and scientific research and other fields.