Funny Motion System 4D Movie Theater With Motion 3 DOF Chair And Special Effect In Hall

Funny Motion System 4D Movie Theater With Motion 3 DOF Chair And Special Effect In Hall


4D Movie Theater Description:

4D movie theater is a new experience to subvert the tradtional way of viewing sample with advanced techology to lend the audience from the audience from the viewer as a participant in the moive role .The experience of audience every time in the 4DM cinema is a unique journey.

There has been a marked increase in the popularity of 4D movies in the China, and this is evidenced by the increased importation of more 4D cinema system equipment such as the 4D motion chairs especially from the people’s republic of China. Such as 4D movie theater equipment once installed in the 4D movie theater can move seats and emit specific scents making movie watching an amazing experience. To fully engage the audience as it watches the 4D movies, smells, movements and tactile experiences are added to what would otherwise be the 3D experience. We can provide you whole design and all equipment, We can also customize for you according to your requirement. We can also improve your 3D cinema to 4D.

Splashes of water – in our seats equipped with a special mechanism that can throw the water in the area of the arms and chest of visitors, which allows the most realistic dobitsya dives underwater travel, racing and many other movies!

Wind – All our 4D movie theaters are equipped with generators, 4D movie theater wind that can make any race as realistic as possible and give them a drive.

The effect of the presence of “mice” – each in our dynamic platform 4D kinotenatrah fitted with a special module, tickling feet, installed under each seat.

Flashes of light – we have established several powerful stroboscopic lamps, which are able to create bright flashes of light, which further immerse you in the reality of what is happening in the 4D movie!

4D Movie Theater Specifications:

  Configuration   Name/function
Image system Projectors, screen system.
Control system Motion chair, special effect system.
Sound system 5.1 audio system,7.1 audio system
4D Motion chair Pneumatic system; hydraulic system; electronic system
4D Special effect system Snow,bubble,rain,wind,lightning,fog,smell etc.
Other accessories Pipes,bubble oil,snow oil,etc.



All the 4D movie theater whole system can be installed according to our Installation Instruction CD and Manual;

Or we send our engineers to help you install.

After-sale service:

4D movie theater control system is free lifetime and be updated; 2years free for motion chair;1 year free for other

equipment, No warranty of consumables.


4D movie theater ombine 3D and 5D, with all special effects and 3D effects. Low cost and high income.Help for installation.