Entertainment Motion Theater Chair Customized Theater Seating Chairs 2 Years Warranty

Entertainment Motion Theater Chair Customized Theater Seating Chairs 2 Years Warranty


Why 4D/5D/6D Motion Theater Chair is so popular?

Because of the flexible invest mode and rapid return. 5D movable theatre designed by our company reform the truck carriage to 5D theatre. So the operator can free move the all the busy area to get most customer in short time.

1.5.1 stereo sound system offer a real sound music from movie
2.chairs move forward, backward, left, right, according to what happened in the movie
3.you can enjoy the thrilling and exciting roller coaster without any dangerous.

Configuration Name/function
Image system Projectors, screen system.
Control system Motion chair, special effect system.
Sound system 5.1 audio system,7.1 audio system
Motion chair Pneumatic system; hydraulic system; electronic system
Special effect system Snow,bubble,rain,wind,lightning,fog,smell etc.
Other accessories Pipes,bubble oil,snow oil,etc.
After-sale service
1. One year warranty
2. During the period of gurantee we will supply you for free the damaged key parts including motor, monitor etc. induced by non-human factors.
3. We offer you the professional 4D/5D/6D cinema movies which do it by us for free, because we have our own technician to update the 3D movies / films.

SHUQEE is the Professional Manufacturer ofCommercial 5D 7D 9D Cinema!

Payment Terms:

TT30% for deposit,the balance of 70% before delivery.
Product Material & Feature of Motion Theater Chair

  • Material: Motion seat constructed using fiberglass body, integrated molding, solid & stable,  and easy maintenance;
  • Seats Type: VIP single chair, Super experienced double chair, High-cost 3people/set chair, Economic 4people/set chair;
  • Private Customized: Customized interior scenes,Customize the appearance of the theme and
  • seat design;
  • Opening Control System: Opening theater control system, can be directly run theater docking and control, to remotely control a predetermined film, self-ticketing, a key screenings, remote control switches,
  • etc. And saving labor and management cost unified ticketing system;
  • Chair Movement Specification:Movement from left to right: 0-19°c degreen; Movement up and down: 0-200mm; Pitching moviement front and backward: 0-24°degreen.