Electronic 4D Movie Theater With Special Motion Chair Special Effect

Electronic 4D Movie Theater With Special Motion Chair Special Effect


4DM cinema is a new experience to subvert the traditional way of viewing simple. with advanced technology to lead the audience from the viewer as a participant in the movie role. The experience of audience every time in the 4DM cinema is a unique journey.

4dm Cinema Parameter 

Power 3.75KW
Voltage 380V
Power mode Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
Movement Up and down:0-100mm; Left and right:±50mm
Capacity 4 people (Approximately 450kg)
Chair effects Back poking,Air injection,Leg sweep, blow air to face, blow water to face, vibration
chair size 2300L*850W*1340H ( L x D x H mm)
weight of chair 180KG
Material Genuine leater and PVC
Vibration frequency 12HZ
Chair Special function Water spray to face, Spray air to fac, Movemen, Vibratio, Leg tickl, Push back, Movement Specification
Ground Bearing 600kg/m²(Dynamic load)
Opening Control System Opening theater control system,can be directly run theater docking and control, to remotely control a predetermined film,self-ticketing, a key screenings, remote control switches, etc.


What is the difference/advantages?

1-Dynamic seats move according to the film story. It is non-pollution, safe and reliable, there are safe belt and armrest on them.
2-Dynamic seats can go up and down, pitch, and swing. It is reliable. The over-all structure is durable in use, the designed fixed number of year is 10years.
3-The seat material is a special antiseptic material, which can effectively kill several kinds of harmful bacteria

The Seat Movement of 4DM Cinema

Technology of 4D integrated into the dynamic movement plot perfectly, 4DM motion chair expansion of all possible actions unlimited , make audience be personally on the scene greatly.

4DM motion chair can accurately simulate forward, backward, left-wing, right-wing, falls, bumps, hair, spray, sweep the leg, pushed back, and others. you will have a experience of effects when the film the show scenario, When the movie show the car turning left or right, the chair will turn left or right; When the movie show the car falling down from the cliff, the chair will rapid downward, producing a sense of weightlessness. When the movie show generated brakes, chair will make the appropriate action. 4DM can be simulated and fully sync! 4DM can take viewers on immersive.

After sales support:

1. Installation

A.Send your technicians to China to learn installing and testing.
B.We will send you diagram, instructions, pictures and videos to show it.
C.Send our technician to your location to complete the installation.

2. Warranty
We offer you one full year factory warranty.we will offer you 24 hours online maintenance for free, and supply you for free the damaged key parts excluding projection screen and the lamp of projectors induced by non-human factors.

3. 5D Movie
We have our professional team working on the 5D movie, normally we can update 3-5 new movie every month to our customers during the period of warranty.

4. Design
We have our professional designer, can supply and design the ticket and room decoration for you. Help you to do advertisements attracting more people and win the market.

Special effects

1.Motion simulation: The dynamic seats will move across to the scene of the movies. Can go left, right, up, down, forward backward

2.Lightning simulation: While the movie shots, thunder and lightning, cinema hall will issue a dazzling lightning, and accompanied with the roar of lightning, so that audiences feel like being at the thunderstorm days.

3. Raining simualtion: While the movie in a rainy plot, audiences will feel truly about rain fall from the sky, moist his hair and cheeks
4. Snow simulation: Snow machine will produce man-made snow, like the real snow drift down the screen from top to bottom. Snow on the screen and indoor snow mixed together make audience feel in the real cold snow weather.

5. Smoke simulation: Smoke simulation imitate a large number of burning smoke which arises accompanied with “flames” as if the sky in the combustion.

6. Bubble simulation: Bubbles created by bubble machine will go up to the sky, when the scene of the undersea world comes, frogman or animals will bring a lot of bubbles, at this time the bubble machine will work and the mysterious place the cinema will be turned to.

7.Wind simulation: Simulate the scene of wind blown when there have wind in the movies, the wind machine can create the motion of airflow, audience can have the real feeling of the wind on their face.

8. Smell simulation: When there is a bunch of flowers, fragrance will assail the nostrils and bring you into a beautiful and romantic world.

9. Leg sweep: Leg sweep Mimic small animal climb trousers inside feeling.
Good installation

A. Video and description about how to install and test.

B. Buyer sends your engineer to China. We will train your person how to install and test.

C. We can come to buyer’s place to install, test and train your person, but buyer should pay the round ticket and accommodation fee.

D. We will train the staff appointed by your company to install and operate the cinema for free, you just need to pay the travel expenses, accommodation and food charge.

E. We will give you the advice of running the cinema all the time.