Customizable Arc Screen 5D Cinema Equipment Rides Cabin For Game Zone

Customizable Arc Screen 5D Cinema Equipment Rides Cabin For Game Zone

Type Advantages of  5d cinema
Certificate CE; ISO9001:2008; GMC; Patent Certificates
Material Motion seat constructed using fiberglass body, integrated molding, solid & stable, and easy maintenance.
5d movie theater Seats Type VIP single chair; Super-experienced double chair; High-cost 3people/set chair; Economic 4people/set chair
Private Customized Customized interior scenes; Customize the appearance of the theme and seat design
Opening Control System Opening theater control system, can be directly run theater docking and control, to remotely control a predetermined film, self-ticketing, a key screenings, remote control switches, etc. Saving labor and management cost unified ticketing system.

Why you should choose us?

We are the leading technology makers of 5D / 7D / 9D / XD theaters in the world. We have supplied cinema equipments over 50 countries in Global over 180 cilents

 5d cinema Simulation Products

We make simulation games such as 4D mainstream cinema Theater,5D Movie Theater simulator,7D Shooting Simulators, Interactive 9DIVR,and other related equipments.

Movies & Games

We manufacture and trade arcade games suitable for 7D simulator/game zones/amusement park.

We provide consulting in editing on movies’ effects and motions.

 Dynamic System Options Pneumatic System
We make all kinds of pneumatic simulators with our copyright technology. We can design and customize the simulators as per the need of the project. Our simulators can have seating capacity in the rage of 1 to 4 seats per simulator. We also have various platform for your option.


Electric System

We make state of the art electrical simulation technology which is trouble free and robust. Our simulators can have seating capacity in the rage of 1 to 4 seats per set.

Environmental Special Effect

  • Lightning Simulation.
  • Rain simulation
  • Snow Simulation
  • Bubble Simulation
  • Windy Simulation
  • Smoke Simulation.
  • Flame Simulation
  • Laser Simulation
  • Smell Simulation


 5d cinema Seats Effects

  • Movement
  • Vibration
  • Leg tickle
  • Push Back

Warranty And After-sale service:

  1. Control system is free lifetime and be updated; 2years free for motion chair;1 year free for other

equipment, No warranty of consumables.

2. Each product will be strict inspection,ensure product quality before package,the products to a minimum of fault rate.Follow the guidelines “fully protect the use’s investment and efficiency,fully meet the requirement of user and reduce their burden.”

3. Lifetime Service.

Each product is beyond warranty period,we still provide paid on-side maintenance repair service,only charge the basic cost.While users can still get free maintenance technician team of regular service instruction,remote technical assistnce and other services.