Cinema System 5D Movie Theater With Certification Red Motion Seat And Special Effect

Cinema System 5D Movie Theater With Certification Red Motion Seat And Special Effect


What is 5D Cinema?

5D Cinema as a new form of expression, developed on the basis of 4D cinema.In order to increase more vivid immersive feeling, 5D cinema specially introduce the motion chair, which can make audience moved from left to right, back and forth. Moreover, 5D cinema adopt the environment special effect into the movie, like rain, snow, wind, bubble, lighting etc. These characteristic bring audience immersive and virtual reality world.


Motion theater chair —Dynamic seat control system by operating the control box, the master computer, servo control box several components, each component is integrated in a central console. The control system has a simple operation, reliable performance, adjustable range of motion, and the operation control box from the main control box and auxiliary control box, one of the main operation, display unit and component parts are the best use of imported products and domestic well-known manufacturers products undergo a rigorous screening, strict production process requirements. The control system has a multi-level protection measures in case of an emergency operation, can be easily processed.

Motion chair in control system is classified as below

Pneumatic control system motion chair

Hydraulic control system motion chair

Electromotive control system motion chair

Effects of motion chairs:

√Movement: Up and down, left and right,

tumbling action front and back, simulation pitch, roll, lift movement, used for
simulation of the film left, to the right of the tumbling run, flight, etc,
forward suspended, fall, up to see, rise etc.

√Vibration: Built-in seat cushion inside, the function can push up

and down, realize the vibration of 12 Hz, make the audience feel the up and
down “vibration” feel

√Leg tickle: Each small elastic air hose under the seat suspension, when film has rats, snakes, insects and animal, hose will pat the audience calf place, can simulate the animals to drill leg of the audience.

√Push Back: The back of the seat with the new equipment, the effect can push forward, realize 5 Hz the vibration frequency,
make the audience feel on the back of the suddenly “vibration”, have
intense “Push Back” and “Electric shock” feeling.

Our Advantage of 5D Cinema Motion Chair

Type Advantages
Certificate CE; ISO9001:2008; GMC; Patent Certificates
Material Motion seat constructed using fiberglass body, integrated molding, solid & stable, and easy maintenance.
Seats Type VIP single chair; Super-experienced double chair; High-cost 3people/set chair; Economic 4people/set chair
Private Customized Customized interior scenes; Customize the appearance of the theme and seat design
Opening Control System Opening theater control system, can be directly run theater docking and control, to remotely control a predetermined film, self-ticketing, a key screenings, remote control switches, etc. Saving labor and management cost unified ticketing system.


5D Cinema Motion Chairs Classified as below :

1.platfrom chairs : 6 seats , 9 seats ,12 seats or customized

2.luxury chairs : 2seats/set , 3seats/seats , color : black ,red or customized

3.standard chairs : 3seats/set , 4seats /set

5D Movie we can provide you : (about 170 set )

Alibaba Roller Coaster , Alibaba adventure , The Cretaceous Journey , Glacier adventure, Through

Dinosaur Valley, Undercrossing Maze, Forest Adventure,The Earth Adventures 1, Polar hurricane,Breathtaking bumper car and so on .