Children 7D / 12D / 5D Movie Theater With Simulators Spray Snow Bubble Wind

Children Movies In 5D/7D/12D Movie Theatre With Simulators Spray Snow Bubble Wind


Product Description  

5D: Scenes special effects 5d cinema equipment, according to video content, make the appropriate response simulation automatically (computer controlled), simulation storms, rain, snow, lightning, jet, smoke, sprinkler and other scenes, add to make the audience feel the immersive sense of excitement. (Special effects equipment according to customer requirements increase or decrease accordingly).

7D: It has the same chairs effects and environment effects as the 5D motion cinema. The difference with them is that 7D cinema adds a shooting gun game which brings audience a stronger interactivity with the role in the movies. When the game begins, people use the toy gun shoot at the screen, and our system could record the points of each player and show the points on the screen, player could know how many points they get in the game. In addition, it is very popular with the kids.

12D:12D cinemas cabin and 12D mini cinema has a set of very comfortable chair(s) and fantasy appearance, specially designed and manufactured, not only has vibration, lifting, leg sweep, water and other special effects, but also realize the seat up and down, left and right, and other movement such as before and after, up to a maximum of six seats direction characteristics.

Chairs Parametres  

Name 5d motion chairs
Appliance Suitale for 5d/6d/7d/9d/12d motion cinemas
Chairs effects Movement(up and down, left and right, backward and forward), push back, spray air and water, sweep leg, vibration
Power 3.75KW
Environment effects Snow, bubble, rain, smoke, lightening, wind, laser, flame
Voltage 380V
Power mode Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
Capacity 3 people (Approximately 450kg)
chair size 1900 x 850 x 1400 ( L x D x H mm)
weight of chair
Genuine leater
Vibration frequency 12HZ
Opening Control System
Opening theater control system,can be directly run theater docking and control, to remotely control a predetermined film,self-ticketing, a key screenings, remote control switches, etc.
Seats Type VIP single chair, Super experienced double chair, High-cost 3people/set chair, Economic 4people/set chair


Environment Special Effects 

  • Lightning Simulation:
  • Simulate lightning scenes in the film, emitting dazzling lightning, accompanied by the roar of lightning, so that the audiences feel like being at the height of summer thunderstorm days.
  • Rain simulation:
  • When the film for a rainy pictures, raining falling down. The audience will truly feel at this time rain fall from the sky, moist his hair and cheeks.
  • Snow Simulation:
  • Snow machine can efficiently and quickly to man-made snow falling down, making the snow full of the cinema. The audience in the world is dressed in white.
  • Bubble Simulation:
  • In the underwater world and underwater divers, aquatic animals and plants will spit out a lot of bubble, the bubble machine blown bubbles floating in the cinema.
  • Windy Simulation:
  • Simulate the wind. Simulation scene in the film blowing scene or a mass of gas flow, a few fan works can make whole theater airflow movement at the same time, the effect of the real wind
  • Smoke Simulation:
  • Simulate combustion smoke. Simulation of the combustion produces a lot of smoke, smoke produced with “fire”, as if the sky in the combustion. Simulation of mist, clouds fluttered among the audience.
  • Flame Simulation:
  • Simulation of the fire, flame effect. Combining with the smoke simulation, scene of combustion and flame, foil hot atmosphere.
  • Laser Simulation:
  • Special scenario simulation of light, such as discos, concerts, glaring color light; simulate the atmosphere of the film
  • Smell Simulation:
  • Simulation scene in the film, like scent or strange taste simulation. Take the sense of smell on the true feelings