Blue Marine Theme 5d Cinema Theater With Kids Animation And 5D Motion Chairs In Marine Park

Blue Marine Theme 5D Movie Theater With Kids Animation And 5D Motion Chairs In Marine Park


Product Description  

5D motion cinema is new form derived from 3d cinema. It has many special effects including the environment effects from special machines and chairs movement effects from motion chairs.It brings audience immersive perception.

5D movie theater usually in the form of mini-cinema showcase to the audience, also have 5D special effects theater ,7D multiplayer interactive cinema and 9D diverse theater and other technology and entertainment theme project. It is ideally suited to play the three-dimensional movies within 5-15 minutes, the audience mainly experiential immersive, fun, feeling.

5D Marine Theme Cinema  

This type cinema combines the ocean theme of our customer’s amusement park which owns much marine life such as the penguins, polar bears and variety of fish. So we use the blue as the main colors to decorate the cinema. There are a variety of marine life patterns distributed around the theater, with our red 5D seats in the centre, the entire theater colors present a colorful marine world better. During the screening of the film, the environmental effects of the theater simulate the environment in the ocean and jet bubbles, immersing the audience in a “real” ocean world.

5D Movie Theater Seats Parametres  

Name 5d motion chairs
Appliance Suitale for 5d/6d/7d/9d/12d motion cinemas
Chairs effects Movement(up and down, left and right, backward and forward), push back, spray air and water, sweep leg, vibration
Power 3.75KW
Environment effects Snow, bubble, rain, smoke, lightening, wind, laser, flame
Voltage 380V
Power mode Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
Capacity 3 people (Approximately 450kg)
chair size 1900 x 850 x 1400 ( L x D x H mm)
weight of chair
Genuine leater
Vibration frequency 12HZ
Opening Control System
Opening theater control system,can be directly run theater docking and control, to remotely control a predetermined film,self-ticketing, a key screenings, remote control switches, etc.
Seats Type VIP single chair, Super experienced double chair, High-cost 3people/set chair, Economic 4people/set chair.
 Experience In Our Showroom  

Since our company’s establishment, we have hosted many guests from all over the world. Guests came to the company showroom to experience our dynamic seat, and they have expressed their approval of our products and support. Here are some customer experience photos as follows.

Our Factory  

We are a professional manufacturer with own factory, responsible for producing, debugging and packaging products. Factories located near the office, to facilitate communication between departments and orders can be quality and effective tracking. Company’s business is interlocking, integration as a professional teamwork.