5D Motion Cinema Luxury Red Chair 5D Movie Theater With 6 Special Effect

5D Motion Luxury Red Chair 5D Movie Theater With 6 Special Effect

Introduction Of Motion 5D MovieTheater

5D Cinema as a form of artistic expression developed on the basis of the 4D cinema, which contains all the 4D cinema features. The adoption of chair effects and environmental effects, a surreal visual experience coupled with a special, stimulating effect synchronized performance to the simulation of the scene and the special organs set to imitate the actual occurrence of the incident, bringing the audience to extremity visual impact, feeling the grand scenes atmosphere and unforgettable .
As the story changes, to simulate thunder lightning frost, snow, explosions and other special effects make people feels vision, hearing, smell, touch and movement, integrating perfectly. So that audience expects and threw himself into the story, experienced the illusory simulations and thrilling adventure travel.

Chair special effects

5D motion chair can accurately simulate forward, backward, left-wing, right-wing, falls, bumps, hair, spray, sweep the leg, pushed back, and others. you will have a experience of effects when the film the show scenario, When the movie show the car turning left or right, the chair will turn left or right.

simulation scene

When the movie show the car falling down from the cliff, the chair will rapid downward, producing a sense of weightlessness. When the movie show generated brakes, chair will make the appropriate action. 5D can be simulated and fully sync! 5D can take viewers on immersive.

5D Movie Theater

Item Parameter
Name Luxury 5D movie theater chair
Size 1900*850*1400mm
Quantity 3/set
Capacity 3people(about 450KG)
Seat cushion genuine leather
Structure fiberglass
Vibration rate 12HZ
Array distance ≥1400mm
Line distance ≥300mm
Forward-Back Leaning ± 20°
Movement from left to right ± 7
Movement from left to right 0-175mm


Environmental Special Effects

Environmental effects feature to the audience from the hearing, visual, smell, touch these aspects to achieve the most powerful sense of realism, as exposure to the film, through the environment simulation to achieve wind, rain, mine, electricity, smoke, snow, bubbles, And other special effects to bring you a new sensory experience!

Why choose us :

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Our services :

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Maintain and After-sales service

 1.Technical Training Plan
In order to enable user have a comprehensive understanding the products and daily use,maintenence and management,we will provide comprehensive,systematic training for the client-side technician or operator.
2.Service and Warranty
Each product will be strict inspection,ensure product quality before package,the products to a minimum of fault rate.Follow the guidelines fully protect the user’s investment and efficiency,fully meet the requirement of user and reduce their burden.
 3.Return Visit at Regular Intervals
Our company will organize regular visit for a return according to customer feedback.in return visit,the owner can propose any quality problem and opinions,the company will be listened modestly,treat and make record return visit to problem then solved carefully and seasonable organization guarantee.
4.Guarantee Measure
The warranty group will be in touch with the customer at the first time,effectively notice with the customer communication problems.for general failure problem,the warranty team through telephone,network remote ways to direct customer solve the poroblem in an hour.for unable to remove the sever faults problem,warranty work team will arrive within 24 hours to solve the problem,the warranty work will be finished in 48 hours.
5.Lifetime Service
Each product is beyond warranty period,we still provide paid on-site maintenance repair service,only charge the basic cost.while users can still get free maintenance technician team of regular service instruction,remote technical assistance and other services.