4D Movie Theater Simulator System Equipment With Motion Chair 3 / 4 / 5 Seats A Platform

4D Movie Theatre Simulator System Equipment With Motion Chair 3 / 4 / 5 Seats A Platform


4D Movie Theater Description:

4DM Cinema same as 3D cinema , but there equip many effects on the chair , also there are many machine will show you special effects , snow , rain , bubble , fire , smoke , etc . In the 4D chair , there are spray air and water , leg sweep , vibration , push back , the chair will move from right to left , up and down  back and front . All the action and effects will show out follow movies .

4D Cinema is a new experience to subvert the tradtional way of viewing sample with advanced techology to lend the audience from the audience from the viewer as a participant in the moive role .The experience of audience every time in the 4DM cinema is a unique journey.

4D Movie Theater Dynamic System :

Electronic system is our best system , also our new system , it’s just upgraded by our technology team . For this chair , each chair has a individual CPU , it’s mean each chair as a indicidual computer . If one day , there are some problem for your one chair , this problem will not effect other chair , other chair can still normally working . It’s our big addvantage.

According to sources power of seat, there were divided into two types:

Electronic system  , Pneumatic system .

4D Cinema Environmental Effects:

Not only there are some special effects in chairs  there are also other equipment will show you show , rain , bubble , fire , lighting , etc .

Each chair of 4D is equipped with motion simulators and programmed for three basic movements.
Through the combination of these movements in various degrees, a fluid and dynamic motion is created to mimic the action on the screen.
Specifications of 4D Movie Theater  :


4D 6 System Information
Control system Research and development by our technology team
Image system Projectors project 2 image ,polaroid and 3D glasses together make 2 image together and show 4D effects
chairs 4D motion chairs
4D Dynamic system Electronic system
Audio system YAMAHA , JBL
Special effects Bubble , Fire , Smoke , Snow ,Rain  Etc


Shuqee’s Advantages:

  1. The top team to research and develop the intelligent 4DM theater system – All electric   system of green environmental protection.
  2. Perfectly transform 3D cinema into 4D cinema – Environmental effects deep accurate synchronization
  3. Dozens of related technology patents – Focused more professional
  4. Customized design – Prominent theme
  5. Standard cinema construction process – High-grade effect assurance
  6. Respond within one working days – Instant after- sale service.
  7. Free to design , solution provider .
  8. Life-time free upgrading control software .
  9. Life-time after sales service & maintenance.