4D Cinema System,4DM Movement Seats With Independent Research Software

4D Cinema System,4DM Movement Seats With Independent Research Software


4DM Movement Seats:

Our 4DM Movement Seats have special effect of up and down, left and right, front and rear roll movements, analog pitch, roll, lifting and other sports, commonly used in analog video left, right tumbling, flying, running, etc., hanging forward, fall, look up, take off , the rise of such action.

4D Cinema System Features:
1. The software supports all major digital video formats, such as avi, wmv, mov, mpeg, and support about format, about separation video format.
2. Simple elegant player software interface, simple operation, difficulty of use.
Synchronization theater overall system work together to play three-dimensional video effects while controlling seats and special effects generator gearing reaction, allowing viewers to experience the immersive viewing experience

4D Cinema System Specifications:

Name 4D Cinema System
Effect Movement,rain,snow,bubble,wind
Control system Special effect control system,centre control system
screen flat screen,,arc screen


After-sale service: 

Control system is free lifetime and be updated; 2years free for motion chair;1 year free for other equipment, No warranty of consumables.


All the whole system can be installed according to our Installation Instruction CD and Manual; Or we send our engineers to help you installation.

Our Main business/products:

4D motion effects cinema, the special effects

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experience, simulation system, cinema equipment, personal family audio-visual
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arc screen , circular screen, globular screen etc),movie derivative ornaments.