5D Motion Seat for 5D Movie Theater and Environment Exciting 12 Kinds Of Special Effect

5D Motion Seat for 5D Movie Theater  and Environment Exciting 12 Kinds Of Special Effect

Make the best 5D Movie Theater

The invention of 5D Movie Theater allowed people to plunge into the world of virtual reality. 5D Movie Theater technology is a perfect combination of 3D images and special effects produced by the special effects equipment upon the human perceptive organs. 5D Movie Theater audiences become totally involved in what is happening on the screen and feel movements, the excitement of car chasing, the explosions in the war, wind blowing, and humid air of the ocean breeze.

5D Movie Theater Motion Seat Parameter

5D Motion Seat Parameter
Power 3.75KW
Voltage 380V
Dynamic Electric, Pneumatic
Movement From left to right: 0-24 Degree
Capacity 3 people (Approximately 450kg)
5D Movie Theater Chair effects Back poking, spray air ,Leg sweep, blow air to face, blow water to face, vibration
Chair size 1900 x 850 x 1400 ( L x D x H mm)
Weight of chair 180KG
Material Genuine leather
Vibration frequency 12HZ
5D Movie Theater Chair Special function Water spray to face, spray air to face, Movement, Vibration, Leg tickle, Push back, Movement Specification
5D Opening Control System Opening 5D Movie Theater control system, can be directly run theater docking and control, to remotely control a predetermined film, self-ticketing, a key screenings, remote control switches, etc.


5D Movie Theater Motion Seat Special Effects

5D motion chair can accurately simulate forward, backward, left-wing, right-wing, falls, bumps, hair, spray, sweep the leg, pushed back, and others. you will have a experience of effects when the film the show scenario, When the movie show the car turning left or right, the chair will turn left or right in 5D Movie Theater.

5D Movie Theater Special Environment

We have 5D Movie Theater environment effects: rain, wind, lightning ,laser, fire, bubble , snow , smoke.

5D Movie Theater Lightning Effects

Simulate lightning scenes in the film, emitting dazzling lightning, accompanied by the roar of lightning, so that the audiences feel like being at the height of summer thunderstorm days.

5D Movie Theater Rain Effects

When the film for a rainy pictures, raining falling down. The audience will truly feel at this time rain fall from the sky, moist his hair and cheeks.

5D Movie Theater Snow Effects

Snow machine can efficiently and quickly to man-made snow falling down, making the snow full of the cinema. The audience in the world is dressed in white.

5D Movie Theater Bubble Effects

In the underwater world and underwater divers, aquatic animals and plants will spit out a lot of bubble, the bubble machine blown bubbles floating in the cinema.

5D Movie Theater Windy Effects

Simulate the wind. Simulation scene in the film blowing scene or a mass of gas flow, a few fan works can make whole theater airflow movement at the same time, the effect of the real wind

5D Movie Theater Smoke Effects

Simulate combustion smoke. Simulation of the combustion produces a lot of smoke, smoke produced with “fire”, as if the sky in the combustion. Simulation of mist, clouds fluttered among the audience.